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Do you listen to the news each morning and get the feeling that the world is unravelling? There is so much misery and unecessary suffering caused in the main part by incompetent or deranged politicians that it is hard to identify one single cause or issue that should command our priority attention. Most lately I have been suffering anguish over the fate of the people of Ukraine and Afghanistan. If you would like to help, the  is currently seeking donations for both causes -



Putting my money where my mouth is I have just made a small donation to both causes. Geoff Carrel, Carrel & Associates, 24.3.22.

25.3.22. UGH! THE TALIBAN!

Disgusted at the behaviour of the Taliban in Afghanistan preventing girls from going to school I have composed this little Limerick -

When the Taliban rule in Kabul

They stop girls from going to school,

Expecting disaster,

If girls become smarter,

And learn that men

Are just fools!


It is pleasing to notice an increasing number of elecric cars being offered by charities as major raffle prizes. Here are a few, with tickets on sale at time of writing -

Play for Purpose: Offering TWO Electric Cars - a MINI Cooper SE Hatch and a BMW iX x Drive SUV.

RSPCA National Raffle: 1st Prize a MINI Electric Hatch (2nd Prize a RAV4 Hybrid).

PCYC: 1st Prize a TESLA Model 3.

I look forward to the day when one of the major charities offering Prize Homes decides to offer an environmentally fully sustainable ECO home as the major prize - hempcrete walls, solar panels, battery storage... that sort of thing. It may not be far off!


Watching  ABC TV this morning I was moved by a story discussing the activities of the Reach Foundation, a charity helping young people, created by the late AFL legend Jim Stynes. Today they are calling for donations starting at $11 (11 was Jim's Demons jersey number) which will be met by a matching donation. I was more than happy to make my $11 donation. Jim was an inspirational bloke and his legacy continues.

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