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CONTACT US: Please send emails to both Geoff@RaffleResults.com.au and geoff.l.carrel@gmail.com

If you would like to advertise and promote your raffle by including details on our 'Raffles on Sale' page please email both  geoff@RaffleResults.com.au, and geoff.l.carrel@gmail.com supplying the following in formation:

1. Name of Charity or other non-profit organization.

2. Permit number for Raffle, Lottery or Art Union (If Applicable).

3. Number of tickets on sale and cost of tickets (Including details of Bonus Tickets, etc if applicable).

4. Closure date for ticket sales and draw date of raffle..

5. Method of publication of results e.g newspaper, website (publication of results on www.RaffleResults.com.au is free).

6. A description of all prizes including Early Bird prizes, etc.

7. How to purchase tickets (website details, telephone numbers, etc).

8. Contact person/s in your organization (name, email address, phone numbers).

9. Any other relevant information.

Advertisers are also welcome to display banners on RaffleResults.com.au. Banners always give raffles greater visibility. Information regarding this process is available on request.

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