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Mutiple Sclerosis Limited - Supporting people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, a condition affecting areas of the body's central nervous system.



yourtown: helps disadvantaged young people establish their place in life through training, counselling and other support services. Prize Home Draw # 479 valued at $1,652,919, your choice of Balmain (Sydney) plus $50,000 Gold Bullion or Mons (Sunshine Coast, Queensland), plus $150,000 Gold Bullion. 

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RSL provides essential support to Australia's current and ex-service men and women and their families.RSL # 358:  Valued at  $2,418,386, McMahons Point (Sydney) or Broadbeach Waters (Gold Coast)  plus $555,000 Gold.   More than 70% of tickets already sold!


Endeavour Foundation Lotteries: Supporting more than 3,300 people with a disability in more than 230 locations. Endeavour # 416, valued at $1,008,396 - Eumundi, Queensland (near Noosa) plus $50,000 Gold Bullion.                                                    


The Deaf Lottery is a fundraising lottery that helps to support vital services provided to the deaf and hard of hearing community. Top prize $650,000 including up to $600,000 Gold Bullion and $20,000 Cash.   


                                                                   . . .


Australian Red Cross - provides relief in times of crisis, care when it is most needed and commitment when others might turn away. If you're in WA, please call 1300 041 799 or click here to enter.


The Epilepsy Centre SA & NT: Improving in all respects the welfare of people living with epilepsy, and their families, in South Australia and the Northern Territory.                                                                                             .


Mater Prize Home - your support helps provide patient care and research at Mater. Mater Prize Home Lottery # 278: Win a $1.8 million Sophisticated Hope Island (Northern Gold Coast) Home.


RSPCA National Raffle. Your support helps animals in your State. participating RSPCA's are RSPCA NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS and DARWIN. To support RSPCA's WA Raffle click below. 


Please note this raffle is only open to WA residents. Non WA residents should enter the RSPCA National Raffle shown above.


Kidzwish Foundation - provides vital services that enrich the lives of sick, disabled and disadvantaged children. 


Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation - helping women with cervical cancer and health related issues in Australia and developing countries. 



Gold Choice Art Union - Supporting Sporting Wheelies & Disabled Association.



Heart Research Institute - conducts cutting edge research into specific aspects of heart disease. 


MS Limited Edition Art Union - supporting MS sufferers.


Meals on Wheels NSW - helping the aged and people with disabilities to live the life they choose.


Mater Cars for Cancer - driving cancer research at Mater, giving fuel to a brighter future. Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery # 82: Win a retro fit HSV GTSR worth $168,510! This one-of-a-kind vehicle is custom fit with retro badging trim, spoiler and paint in an ode to the original 1996 beast driven by Craig Lowndes. A true performance enthusiast's package. This is a limited lottery so don't miss out!



Play for Purpose-The Charity Lottery: Benefiting dozens of participating charities.



yourtown Prize Car Draw1110: Porsche Macan S plus $60,000 Gold Bullion or $200,000 Gold Bullion.



Royal Life Saving WA - open to WA residents only  


Thorndale Foundation - supporting people with a disability to help achieve their goals for 60 years. The Christmas Boat Bundle Raffle is drawn 19.12.18 - just one week before Christmas - but don't wait to long to buy a ticket. There are limited tickets available so buy now and give yourself a Christmas present on the water! The prize includes a Quintrex Boat with 50 HP Motor, Trailer, Fishing Rods, Life jackets and Caps - everything you need except the Esky!



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Raffles are an essential method of fundraising for many Australian non profit organizations. The results of raffles drawn within the past 12 months are on our 'Results' page, and there are currently 39 raffles, lotteries and art unions to choose from on our 'Raffles on Sale' page. Buying tickets in these raffles can be a rewarding way to support a worthy cause. Good Luck!

Gain new supporters - All registered charities and other not-for-profit organizations (community groups, schools, service clubs, sporting clubs) are welcome to advertise and promote their raffles, large or small, by including a description on our 'Raffles on Sale' page. They can also publish the results of those raffles when drawn, free of charge, on our 'Results' page. By including their raffles on this website, where care is taken to ensure the authenticity of each raffle, non profits can allow potential supporters, who are sometimes sceptical of third part fundraisers, to feel confident they are supporting a genuine cause.

If you wish to include your raffle on our 'Raffles on Sale' page please visit our 'Contact Us' page for details of the required information . . . . . . 

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If you know you can't afford to buy tickets in any of the raffles advertised on this website please don't buy any. There are other ways to support charities and not one of the charities shown on this website would wish for its supporters to experience financial difficulty.

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