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There are few countries around the world that make it possible for overseas residents to purchase tickets in their charity raffles. AUSTRALIA is the most prominent exception. You can click on the Australian flag above to visit our 'Raffles on Sale' page where an extensive list of Australian charity raffles is shown. It is possible for overseas residents to buy tickets in many of these raffles.


The British government does not permit non residents of the United Kingdom to buy tickets in charity raffles. If you are a resident of the United Kingdom and you are interested in supporting British charities by buying tickets in their raffles please use this link - http://www.raffleplayer.com/. If you are not a U.K resident you can still make your friends and relatives residing in the U.K aware of this useful link.


Canada has some marvelous lotteries, but they are conducted on a province by province basis and only open to the residents of those provinces - BC, Alberta, NWT, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, NF, etc. Many of these are home lotteries, raising funds for hospitals, useful links are www.dreamlottery.ca and www.homelottery.ca.


The New Zealand government until recently did not permit non residents of New Zealand to buy tickets in charity raffles. The rules have now been changed and it is now possible for overseas supporters to buy tickets in prize home raffles, such as -  www.heartfoundation.org.nz.


There are numerous charity raffles in the USA, but once again they are run on a state by state basis with residency qualifications. For example, if you go to www.raffleamerica.com you must first enter your zip code to see what raffles are available in a particular jurisdiction. 


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